We help socially focussed organisations design and shape community focussed  approaches.

We provide expertise to help you meet your objectives- from creating an engagement strategy, to developing new service delivery programmes, to designing a project to address priorities in a distinct neighbourhood.

Capacity building is at the core of style. By working together with you we collectively develop sustainable approaches, embedding good practice within your team.

Informed by practice

CoSocial’s work is rooted in current practice so we are often asked ‘how to…?’.

Based in Great Yarmouth and involved in a range of transformative community focussed programmes of work, we are able to draw knowledge from new and creative approaches that are making real change at the grassroots.

This unique position ensures our ability to transfer up to date learning, helping you to develop your ideas in a way that complements your own unique circumstances.


Committed to Social Reinvestment

With it's origins in the urban centre of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, CoSocial is committed to making sure development initiatives in the borough thrive .

Many of the communities in Great Yarmouth continue to face some of the most challenging social, economic and environmental circumstances in the UK.

Comprising of urban, rural and migrant communities, local priorities in Great Yarmouth range from unemployment and economic challenge, to coastal erosion and tidal flooding.

Income generated from CoSocial is rooted directly back into supporting grass-roots initiatives across the borough.